Canada, Vancouver

Yummy (pork) belly in my belly!

I wanted to milk every minute of my time in Vancouver so I went on another food adventure with my Favourite Fellow Foodies (AKA FFF’s) before I had to leave. This time, we decided to be a little fancier and had lunch at Homer St. Cafe in Yaletown.  Situated in a historic building, it really had a French/European setting. It is always fun times when the FFF’s are hungry. For appetizers, we had their “Maple Butter Pork Belly” (Lena’s favourite), “Honey Roasted Spiced Almonds”, smoked salmon, and their chicken wings. The pork belly was definitely a delight. It reminds me of a more polished version of 東坡肉. I was very impressed and the fact that they come in small bite pieces makes them even more dangerous. Equally delicious and dangerous were their “Honey Roasted Spiced Almonds” with the perfect amount sweet and saltiness coating these little nuts. The smoked salmon was interesting, but I think I still prefer the thinly sliced smoked salmon more. I was quite surprised with the arrival of the chicken wings as they were more like nicely roasted chicken wings/drumsticks vs. the deep fried version which I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, it was very delicious and perfectly seasoned. 

For the main, I had to get the quarter rotisserie chicken with baby potatoes. It was probably too much chicken for one meal so I was so glad I got the quarter chicken and nothing larger. Again, the chicken was nicely seasoned and perfectly roasted. Unfortunately, the potatoes were a little too salty and the jus too sour for my taste. Lena had the chicken pasta special which she seemed to enjoy. My brother had their lamb roast, to which he said was “SO tender” and really wanted to share. Too bad I don’t like to eat lamb so I was not able to appreciate this dish. 

Accompanying these dishes, I had a latte, which was alright. It was no Bridgehead Latte, as I am enjoying a cup while I am writing this blog. Indeed, I have yet to find a better latte than the one at Bridgehead. What will I do when I move away from Ottawa? But I digress. My brother had the Four Winds IPA, which was AMAZING! It was definitely my new favourite IPA – refreshing with the perfect amount of hoppiness. 

Dessert time! We shared the Pumpkin Flavoured Creme Brulee, which was creamy with a taste of fall with every bite, and their “Chocolate pudding” with “maldon sea salt, cocoa nibs, honeycomb”. The pudding was not too sweet and was nicely balanced with the sea salt. As someone who does not love chocolate (I know, I question if I am a girl sometimes), I quite enjoyed it.

Overall, good quality food and nice quite ambience for those who is willing to splurge a little on a nice meal.

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