End of My Scone Witch Hiatus

Speaking of places I always bring visiting friends, a friend was visiting over the weekend and I decided to bring him to The Scone Witch for brunch. To be honest, there was a period of time when I over indulged in Scone Witches and I needed a hiatus for a bit; but I figured, it’s been a while so why not? As the name implies, it’s a cafe specialized in scones. More importantly, sandwiches made from scones – definitely one of a kind! They are doing so well, they’ve opened up another store in Beechwood. We chose their Elgin location instead. It is usually super busy during weekend brunch hours and the seating is limited so be prepared to line up. The seating fairies are definitely with me lately because again, we lucked out and went there at a time where the line-up is reasonable.

I went with my favourite menu item: the “Cream Cheese and Cucumber SconeWitch” with a side of salad. It’s the perfect combination of fresh, crunchy cucumber with delightful cream cheese. For the scone part of the sandwich, I usually choose the Herb and Onion scone and it is just perfection with every bite. The salad is pretty good with a nice, light dressing. Aaron had their brunch with smoked salmon and my friend had the same with ham. The brunch included a scone of your choice, scrambled eggs with a topping of your choice, fruits with some greens, and their delicious Moss Berry Farm jam. Their jams are so good. Remember to grab one to go in a normal-sized or cute-sized jars! I guess this marks the end of my Scone Witch hiatus, as I’m a fan again!

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