Smoked Salmon Galore

We decided to try another new Sunday brunch place this weekend and arrived at Pelican Fishery and Grill as recommended by one of our friends. We went in the early afternoon and it was not difficult to get a table – definitely a plus. We were greeted with some nice and moist banana bread as we made our meal selections. We quickly realized that all their brunch items were served on a full or half croissant – ingenious! I opted for the Pelican Seafood Breakfast Sandwich while Aaron had their Left Coast Benedict. When our meals arrived, we realized that we basically ordered the same thing but mine was in a sandwich format and Aaron’s a benny. This made sense because what better to have at a fishery than some good salmon? First things first, their portion sizes were huge! The presentation was also very appetizing, so it just looked like a mountain of mouth-watering goodness. Starting light, I took a bite of their salad, which was refreshing. I then moved on to their home fries, which was also good (but still not as amazing as The Barley Mow’s – see last week’s post). I would like to comment on their home-made ketchup though. It had a very special kick to it. Then, I took a bite of the sandwich. 2 words – buttery goodness. The tasty smoked salmon was accompanied with oozing cream cheese, fresh dill, bacon, and an over-easy egg sandwiched between a very buttery croissant. It was messy, yes, but it was worth the mess. The only concern I have for this sandwich was the amount of butter in it (for those who don’t like butter – do you exist?). Aaron’s benedict was equally tasty with hollandaise sauce instead of cream cheese. It is the less messy choice, if you so please. 

Overall, I would definitely return for their unique seafood brunch menu.

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