Burnt miso ramen @ Gogyo
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Asia Day 51: Seoul – Tokyo

Photo of the Day: Burnt miso ramen @ Gogyo Ramen. Photo credit: Aaron. We had to get up at 6:30am this morning to try to catch the 7:35am express train to the Incheon airport to try to save some time. It will also allow us to pre-check in at the City Centre Terminal. Unfortunately, we… Continue reading Asia Day 51: Seoul – Tokyo

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Tips for flying out of Incheon Airport, Seoul

This is our first experience flying out of Incheon Airport and we had quite the adventure, almost missing our flight. Here are the lessons we learnt and would like to share in hopes that your journey will be less stressful. Travel carry-on only, if possible. This will save you from an insane line up at the check-in counter… Continue reading Tips for flying out of Incheon Airport, Seoul

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Trip Reflection: South Korea (Seoul)

Photo of the day: The glitz and glamour of Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea. Culture and Tourism Seoul is definitely the hotspot for everything beauty and fashion. It is difficult to come here and not do any shopping at all, even for someone who doesn't particularly enjoy shopping. The population is very young and the trends… Continue reading Trip Reflection: South Korea (Seoul)

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Asia Day 49: Seoul (Garosugil/Gangnam)

Photo of the day: Budae Jjigae @ Nolboo. Photo credit: Aaron.  Today, we had the chance to explore the trendy neighbourhood of Garosugil, located in the western portion of Gangnam. This area is known for its tree-lined streets, although, at this time of the year, there wasn't too much to see. There were unique boutiques… Continue reading Asia Day 49: Seoul (Garosugil/Gangnam)

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Asia Day 48: Seoul (Insadong)

Photo of the day: Gamjatang @ 동원집. From the ultra-modern neighbourhood of Gangnam, we move on to the more traditional and artistic Insadong today. I've been hoping to try Hanjeongsik and this is the perfect place to do that. The little alleys are filled with restaurants specializing in the traditional Korean meal. Our restaurant of choice… Continue reading Asia Day 48: Seoul (Insadong)

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Asia Day 47: Seoul (Gangnam – Dance Class in Korea)

Photo of the day: 1 Million Dance Studio. It was finally time to head over to the infamous Gangnam district of Seoul. It's about time and this is why. One of my goals for this trip was to take a dance class in Korea. I've always been very impressed by Korean dancers and really love… Continue reading Asia Day 47: Seoul (Gangnam – Dance Class in Korea)

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Asia Day 46: Seoul (Gwangjang Market – N Seoul Tower)

Photo of the day: Panoramic view of Seoul from Jamdoobong Photo Island on our walk up to N Seoul Tower. This morning, I had a craving for some Korean convenience store food for breakfast, so before Aaron was even up, I went downstairs to grab a triangular Gimbap and a normal Gimbap and brought it… Continue reading Asia Day 46: Seoul (Gwangjang Market – N Seoul Tower)

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Asia Day 45: Seoul (Sinchon)

Photo of the day: Bingsoo @ Meal Top. Photo credit: Aaron. Our neighbourhood of choice today is Sinchon, another university district. For lunch, we found a cafeteria closeby called Our Home, filled with office workers, so we decided to join them. There were 2 menu options: A and B. The description was all in Korean,… Continue reading Asia Day 45: Seoul (Sinchon)

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Asia Day 44: Seoul (Namdaemun Market – Myeongdong)

Photo of the day:  Sunrise in Seoul. I fell back asleep shortly after this shot.  I think we are still running on Thailand time, as we have been sleeping in everyday since we got here. I decided it was ok to be a little lazy since it is Sunday and we have been traveling for… Continue reading Asia Day 44: Seoul (Namdaemun Market – Myeongdong)