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Asia Day 31: Chiang Mai (Doi Suthep)

Photo of the day: Orange robes marking the Monk's Trail. Photo credit: Aaron. Today we are going to hike up Doi Suthep. Many have heard of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep but not many heard of hiking up the mountain to see it. The usual transportation method is to take a Song Thaew up, but… Continue reading Asia Day 31: Chiang Mai (Doi Suthep)


Pre-Hike Fuel

We decided to hike up Manitou Mountain the other day but before we did that, we needed to fuel up on some carbs and protein! From a food truck, FlapJack’s Pancake Shack recently opened up a sit-down restaurant on Preston St. They continue to have a food truck in the Glebe and on Holland for… Continue reading Pre-Hike Fuel