Pre-Hike Fuel

We decided to hike up Manitou Mountain the other day but before we did that, we needed to fuel up on some carbs and protein! From a food truck, FlapJack’s Pancake Shack recently opened up a sit-down restaurant on Preston St. They continue to have a food truck in the Glebe and on Holland for those who want to grab something quickly. On the other hand, for those who like to drool over the many pancake selections, go over to the Preston location. It took us quite some time to go over the entire menu and even then it was a very difficult selection process as everything looked so tasty. I opted for the simple “Breakfast Panwich” while Aaron had their 2 eggs breakfast with a side of pancakes. Evidently, I’m a fan of sandwiches made of anything but bread, first croissants, then scones and now pancakes. Paired with their all Canadian maple syrup, this is definitely good comfort food. Their home fries are also very flavourful and perfectly paired with their unique home-made ketchup. My friend had their “Big Joe” with is basically a double “Breakfast Panwich”. Another friend had their poutine with deep fried cheese curds, which was, of course, amazing! I will definitely be back when I feel like I need some hearty comfort breakfast.

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