Working Title: A Lovely Patio Experience

As Ontario is finally opening up to outdoor dining, we took this opportunity to dine at a local patio – Working Title, after over a year of not dining out!


This cafe/bakery/restaurant is located in Sandy Hill. Parking was easy as we were able to find street parking right in front. We made a reservation ahead of time for their Sunday brunch but it wasn’t terribly busy during our time there. There was an ice-cream station to the left, a cafe to the right and the seating in between. Their seating was spacious with tables for 2, 4 or 6. I really enjoyed the ambience with the modern furniture and the historical church’s facade as it’s backdrop. The tables for 6 has patio chairs around a fire pit like structure. Good vibes. I feel like it’ll look really even nicer at night with the appropriate lighting. There was a tent in the back, as this location also serves as an event space.


Their drinks menu was simple with some alcoholic options, smoothies as well as coffee and tea choices as well. I enjoyed a nice cup of latte while Aaron elected for the flat white. It was nice to sit down and have some coffee somewhere not at home for once.


Their Sunday Brunch menu was nice and simple. There weren’t too many options which I appreciated as it made the decision easier. I had their poached eggs and Aaron had their scrambled egg. My meal was basically an eggs benedict with parma ham and garlic spinach. I was very delicious, especially after I had to stop eating runny eggs and eating hollandaise/bearnaise sauce for the past 10 months. The garlic spinach as well as at the bearnaise sauce were the stars of the dish. It also came with potatoes baked in duck fat, which was also amazing as well as a side salad. Overall A+ flavours. My only critique would be that it was a little bit cold when served. Aaron’s meal was equally good. The eggs were served on top of a generous serving of ooey gooey brie. It was paired with “Princess Potatoes” which was basically deep fried mashed potatoes, in addition to the same side salad I had.


The service was excellent. The servers all wore masks and stayed at a safe distance. At the same time, they were attentive and the service was efficient.


As one of our first dining experiences since the re-opening, we were very happy with our little brunch date. We would recommend checking this lovely patio out! They’re also open for dinner so we plan to return to try that menu at some point!

Stay safe and happy dining!

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