Carlington Coffee House: Delicious Sandwiches, Spacious Patio, and Ice Cream!

We checked out Carlington Coffee House last weekend along with the Pascale All Natural Ice Cream pop-up. I’ve become quite a fan of local eatery pop-ups! It’s just so fun!


Carlington Coffee House is located in an interesting part of Merivale where it is mostly residential buildings. As a matter of fact, the coffee house itself is located in what appears to be a house. In front of the house is a small patio with a few chairs. There is a window on the side where you can place your orders. Then in the back there is a spacious backyard patio with seating as well as a grassy area with a play structure for kids. We’ve previously only ordered coffee from here via UberEats so it was nice to actually check out the physical location. All the seating is outside. The orders are then dropped off, contactless on a small table outside the house. Ice cream orders were picked up at a window in the back.


It was a scorching 40 degrees with humidex that day so we ordered a lemon iced tea. We asked for it to be less sweet and it was perfectly refreshing for such a hot day.


We came around lunch time, so we ordered some sandwiches and we were so glad we did! We had The Merivale which was their deli sandwich and their grilled cheese on sourdough and jelly add-on. We’ve had our fair share of deli sandwiches and it was unanimous that theirs was really good. Their grilled cheese, though, was on another level. The jelly really added a sweetness to help cut through the savoury and it was just a party in our mouths.

We, of course, had to order some ice-cream for dessert. We had Pascale’s strawberry soft-serve with corn flakes as well as the Pet de sœur vanilla ice cream sandwich. I really enjoyed the strawberry soft-serve. The strawberry flavour was very rich and I can tell real strawberries were used to make it. The corn flakes added a nice element of crunch. The ice cream sandwich was not my favourite but that is probably because I’m not a huge fan of the Pet de sœur.


The service here was excellent. I appreciated the contactless drop off on the table outside during these COVID times.


We had such a fun time at this pop-up/patio visit. We would definitely return for more. Looks like Carlington Coffee House has other collaborations so we look forward them. As for Pascale, they seem to have a lot of pop-ups coming up with other vendors (i.e. they have a Pogo pop-up coming up this weekend at Little Jo Berry’s) so we might have to check out a few of those too!

Stay cool, everyone!

Carlington Coffee House

📍 917 Merivale Road, Ottawa, ON
📞 613-415-8258

Pascale Ice Cream

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