Weekend Staycation Guide

With the recent concerns over COVID-19, many people have needed to forgo their holiday plans abroad. This does not mean that we cannot treat ourselves to a staycation in the comfort of our own homes. I recently read “The Little Book of Hygge” by Meik Wiking and was inspired to plan a weekend staycation with Aaron with hyggelig elements sprinkled throughout.

A very hyggelig evening.

1. Unplug and Forget About The To-Do List

We didn’t want the weekend to feel like any other so it’s important to NOT do what you usually do on the weekend. Forget about chores for a few days. Try to unplug your internet if possible. Twitter and the news are probably not going to help with your mental health or relationship. Don’t just resort to watching TV on the couch. Don’t make any plans with others and really commit to feeling like you are “out of town” and unavailable during this time.

2. Pickup/Download a Good Book

Whether you prefer physical books or e-reader books, remember to pick one up or download one for your staycation. You will have lots of downtime so feel free to snuggle up with a nice book. If you want to, you can listen to a good podcast or audiobook together as well. 

3. Step Into Nature

With extra time from not being sucked into Netflix, maybe take a nice walk outside. Ottawa’s harsh winter decided to step aside for a bit last weekend, so we were able to walk to a nearby park to enjoy some time outside. Instead of staring at a screen all weekend, we took time to just look outside the window and daydream a little bit instead of constantly trying to distract ourselves from our own thoughts.

Walking outdoors is a good way to enjoy your staycation.

4. Pick Up Some Candles/Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is great. Don’t forget to pick up some scented candles or essential oils for your diffuser. My favourite scents are eucalyptus and lavender.

5. Get Cozy

I love winter because it means I can wear a big cardigan and warm fuzzy socks, turn on the fireplace, and curl under a warm throw. We even rearranged our modular couch so it’s more like a bed for maximal coziness.

6. Try Some New Recipes

It can be fun now that you have some time off to try a few new recipes together. It’s fun to do groceries together and take your time making a few meals together. This should be different than the usual “work night” meals you cook quickly after work. Try making that fluffy pancake you keep seeing on Facebook. Remember: cake is very hyggelig. Try some slow-cooked meals which can be too time-consuming during the week but is actually enjoyable when you have some time to spare. Have a glass of wine or some tea while waiting for food to bake/simmer.

7. Play Some Games

Life can be stressful so I hope you can let go a little and enjoy some games. We are both board game lovers and it’s nice to play interactive games like Monopoly Deal rather than sitting in front of the TV passively.

8. Unwind

Don’t forget to unwind through meditation or yoga. There are many great apps for guided meditation and there are even some YouTube videos of partner yoga and stretching routines. Maybe give that a try!

Whatever you decide to do on your staycation, don’t forget to have fun! It shouldn’t feel like “any other weekend” or day at home. Make sure to plan ahead and make it special but don’t stress out too much if you don’t have much planned. It’s ok to be bored. We don’t get enough time to be bored in this day and age given all the distractions around us.

Stay happy and healthy, everyone!


Good Books

Little Book of Hygge – ideas for living a hyggelig life
The 4-Hour Chef – plenty of basic recipes you can work through

Good Podcasts

Jay Shetty’s On Purpose Podcast – great insights from an inspirational speaker
Happier Podcast – a very light-hearted podcast full of ideas on how to be happier

Good Apps

Calm – guided meditation
Stop Think Breathe – check-ins and guided meditation
Nike Training Club – has various cardio/strength training and yoga routines for those with or without at home gym equipment

Good YouTube Channels

Yoga with Adriene – very positive yoga routines, great for beginners

2 thoughts on “Weekend Staycation Guide”

  1. Sounds like a great idea! # 3 Connecting with nature is more important than ever, given these stressful times. We’re lucky in Ottawa, we have lots of green space even within the city; the paths are sparsely populated – time to get out and enjoy the slow spring awakening! FB and FB chat, Skype, FaceTime all give us a chance to stay connected even if we’re not physically together.


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