Brunch, Canada


We recently checked out a new brunch spot in Ottawa – Eldon’s. This restaurant replaced Pomeroy House, which we have previously blogged about (RIP). Eldon’s prides itself on serving local ingredients and create zero food-waste which means they change their menu depending on which ingredients are seasonal and available. 


It is located in the Glebe, along the busy Bank Street. It wasn’t difficult to find street parking though. The layout is slightly different than Pomeroy House, with most of the seating located in the front of the restaurant and with no bar seating. The ambience is still very laid back.


It was breakfast time, so we ordered our usual coffee and latte, which were pretty standard for any other brunch place in Ottawa. They also served all sorts of alcoholic beverages, not only limited to mimosas but also various local craft beers and wine, if you so please.


The menu looked every interesting with 2 main categories. You can basically choose between a sandwich or a deconstructed sandwich if you want to keep your fingers clean. This is the option I chose. I had the roasted pork belly served over a crispy hash along with a salad and poached eggs on top. Aaron had the breakfast sandwich with basically the same as above between 2 pieces of foccacia. He had a choice of side and he choice the soup of the day which was a lentil soup. The portion sizes here are just right, compared to many brunch places which have enormous, intimidating sizes. The presentation of the food was also beautiful.

In terms of taste, the pork belly was good but not as tender and succulent as I would have liked. There was only 2 small pieces so I felt like I could have used a little more protein. The poached eggs were good. The star of the show, however, was actually the hash brown which was perfectly cooked and super crispy. Every restaurant has their own take on what is considered “hash” and this is definitely my favourite take on this dish. The greens were also paired with a nice dressing which added just the right amount of flavour to the salad to make it not taste like grass. The house-made sourdough was also nicely done covered with a healthy amount of butter. In addition, there is a nice portion of sour cream on the side and optional hot sauce which reminded me of a hybrid spring roll dipping sauce and chilli garlic sauce. 

Roasted pork belly over hashbrown @ Eldon’s

The breakfast sandwich was made with house-made focaccia which reminded me of a grilled cheese sandwich even though there was no cheese it in. Instead, it had a poached egg, aioli, greens, pickled red onions, and their amazing crispy hash brown. If you want something a little extra, add on some pork belly, trout, braised beef or tofu. We just got it without the extras and it was still very delicious and filling. The soup of the day was a lentil soup and it tasted very healthy with a strong spice in it (perhaps cardamom?).

Breakfast sandwich @ Eldon’s


The service was very good. They were a bit busy when we were there for the weekend brunch so they did forget our drink orders but were very apologetic and got it to us in a prompt manner after we reminded them.


We were very happy with our visit here and plan to return in the future for brunch as well as to try out their dinner menu. They do not take reservations for weekend brunch but it wasn’t very difficult to get a seat when we went. I secretly hope this will remain a hidden gem in the midst of the many busy brunch restaurants in Ottawa.


775 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K1S 3V2

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