Boston, USA

Boston Day 4

This morning, we wanted to get some gym time in since we’ve been stuffing our faces with good food. We started with a small snack/breakfast at the hotel’s canteenM. They had a buffet option but we elected for the a-la-carte as we only wanted a small meal before our workout. There was plenty of seating including tables, high tops, and couches. I don’t know why it sparks so much joy for me to have various lounging option even though I have not really used this space until now. It was also on this last day at this hotel that I noticed there were business meeting rooms for use, which I guess had to be rented out? I also saw the signs in the general seating area stating that if one wanted to “do work” here, then one can purchase a business pass for $15. I wonder how they enforce that given its hard to differentiate working vs. just lounging with a laptop sometimes.

After some pre-gym fuel, we headed to the gym at the hotel which was pretty spacious with many cardio machines and a selection of free weights. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the gym so I just did a warmup on the treadmill, then a quick Nike Training Club workout. 

Check out was at 11am so we had time to shower in the comfort of our own rooms before having to check out. It was done on the iPad once again and was super easy. They also had a luggage storage service which makes it super convenient as our flight wasn’t until later tonight.

For lunch, we were craving some Shake Shack. I know Shake Shack is not unique to or from Boston but we really wanted it since our first day here. Don’t judge. They had a high tech iPad ordering system with mobile notification once the order is ready. It was awesome. We had the shack burger, cheese fries and milkshake. Aaron had customized his burger to his liking as well. I enjoyed the burger the way it was. This was my first Shake Shack burger experience and it was excellent. The burger definitely felt more like a real burger compared to something like McDonalds. The cheese fries were great. The milkshake was good as well but I was definitely glad I was sharing this as it would have been too heavy for just myself to finish. Overall, excellent Shake Shack experience. Will definitely visit again!

Cheese fries, burgers, milk shake and iced tea @ Shake Shack

After lunch, we wanted to get some work done, so we headed over to the nearby Ogawa Coffee, a coffee shop from Kyoto, Japan. It had a very cool interior with “stadium seating” which we ended up perching on. Aaron had a flight of coffee, which turned out to be almost 3 full size coffee instead of tiny sample sizes. I had the oat milk cappuccino which was nice and creamy. They also had a lot of food items which looked quite delicious. It was more than the usual pastry goods. They looked like full meals.

Coffee flight @ Ogawa Coffee

Time flew by as we worked on our laptops and enjoyed our coffees. It was time to make our way back. We had to make a stop by the landmark Quincy Market en route to our hotel. It was definitely touristy and busy. I realize that the prices here are probably inflated but I really wanted to get one last bowl of clam chowder. There were a few places selling this at the market but we chose Legal Fish Bowl. It wasn’t a large bowl so it was a nice snack. It was definitely the most like the creamy, thick clam chowder that I expect when I think about clam chowder. It was great comfort food.

After picking up our bags from the hotel, we were off to the Boston Airport. Our flight was delayed due to the weather but there was plenty of seating and various seating (comfortable couches, normal airport seats as well as plenty of high-top working stations by the window). We took a seat by the window and got some work done before getting hungry again. It turns out they had a Legal Fish Bowl at the airport too. We felt like one last meal of seafood so here we go again. I had the crab and avocado salad while Aaron had the salmon with onion strings and salad. My salad was quite interesting as it was a ball of shredded crab meat on top of cucumbers, tomatoes and avocado. I was expecting more greens but that’s ok because Aaron’s meal had some so I just had some of his. Aaron’s salmon was good but we’ve decided that his home-cooked salmon is probably better than most salmon we can get at restaurants. The onion strings were very good though. Aaron also had one last pint of local beer as a toast to our journey here in Boston.

Four days just seemed to have flown by so quickly. We really enjoyed our stay here and plan to return again in the warmer months in the way of a road trip next time!

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