Canada, Montreal

Montreal 2.0: Day 5

On our last day in Montreal, we had to stop for some bagels. We’ve eaten bagels from St. Viateur in the past so we wanted to try Fairmount Bagel this time. They were physically very close together so you could do a head-to-head comparison if you wanted to. The set-up of Fairmount is very different and we were caught by surprise. They did not have any tables inside the shop. It was all take-out. They also did not make sandwiches, just good old bagels with tubs of cream cheese on the side. Luckily, there was some outdoor seating so we took seat outside after we panic-ordered a few bagels as we quickly reached the front of the line. We failed at ordering because the guys wanted 2 bagels each but we only ended up with one bagel per person. We formed an assembly line to spread cream cheese onto the bagels and enjoyed them on this chilly Montreal morning. In my opinion, it was better than that of St. Viateur. I actually respected them for not making fancy sandwiches and just stayed true to what they make. The actual bagel itself is more comparable to Kettleman’s Bagel in Ottawa, which is my favourite Montreal-style bagel.

After bagels, we wanted to grab some coffee so we headed over to a cute, hipster coffee shop, The Standard Mile-End, to warm up. Here, we saw many people coming in with their take-out bagels to enjoy with their coffee, which was probably something we should have done.

Coffee @ The Standard Mile-End

After this lovely morning, we went for a road trip to Sucrerie de la Montagne, one of the few sugar shacks open during this time of year (fall). It was about a 1.5-hour drive away. The fall leaves made the place so picturesque. The staff here were very nice and offered a tour of the place. It seemed to be family-run though, as there were only a few staff and their gift store wasn’t even open all the time. It was based on demand. We were not terribly hungry so we opted out of their full feast. Instead, we had their pancakes meal which apparently had unlimited pancakes and soup. The soup of the day was a split-pea soup which was very comforting on a chilly day. We also tried their maple syrup ales which were lovely. There was also various pickles and sides including bacon. After all that, the star of the meal arrived. We think we over-did it with the unlimited pancakes because they never came back to offer us tea/coffee. So with our bellies full of pancakes, we headed back to Montreal to drop off our guests at the airport before we drove back to our sweet home in Ottawa.

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