Bar Food

Beef Carpaccio

The other day, we decided to grab some drinks and dinner with some friends at Churchill’s on Richmond Road. I was pleasantly surprised that they also had a rooftop patio, which my friends have noticed are less mosquito-infested than regular patios. 

One of my friends was really excited about their Colossal Caesar, so I followed suit. The name was definitely appropriate, as this drink was enormous and was like a meal in a cup with its olive, spicy green bean, celery and their homemade beef jerky. It also had a good amount of spice. Since my drink was already quite filling, we decided to just nimble on a bunch of appetizers. The wings, jalapeno poppers, beef brisket nachos were as they should taste, but I must comment on the beef carpaccio. I am generally not a big fan of carpaccio but after this one, I was converted. The thinly sliced beef tenderloin was matched perfectly with shaved parmesan, a crunchy crouton, a slice of mushroom, and truffle oil. It was also accompanied with greens with a very tasty dressing drizzled over them. This dish was so light that it juxtaposed the other deep-fried/baked pub favourites very well. Of note, after 9pm, they serve their late night menu, consisting of mainly appetizers. In addition, they are opened till 2am but their kitchen and patio does close earlier.

Overall, I was impressed by their hearty Caesar and tasty beef carpaccio and will return on another nice summer day for these. The fajita’s ordered by the next table did look and smell delicious, so perhaps I will try that next time as well.

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