Bar Food

Bikini Lines

Trying to take advantage of the nice summer weather, we wanted to dine at another restaurant with a patio. This time – Jack Astor’s Landsdowne. We have previously been to this location for some drinks and was impressed by their beer selection. We return with some friends to try out their dinner menu. Having tried most of the other restaurants in Landsdowne, I prefer Jack Astor’s for their availability, good service and casual atmosphere. Now, it’s time to see if the food is comparable. First thing’s first, their menu was quite large; hence, I took twice as long as everyone else to choose my drink and my entrée. I settled on “Bikini Lines” for my drink and I was very impressed. It was quite a tropical drink with rum, passion fruit, lime, mint and strawberries served in a tiki glass. I like sweet drinks and some may say it is on the sweet side; however, I think the strong rum balances it out nicely. For dinner, I had the Miso Tuna Sesame Bowl. I liked the variety in the contents of the bowl including: seared tuna crusted with sesame seeds, snow peas, broccoli, avocado, ginger, quinoa, on a bed of white rice. The finishing touch was a miso sesame sauce. Not surprising as it was a miso sauce, it was on the saltier side. Looking at the nutritional contents of this meal, I am not surprised that it is 68% of my recommended daily salt intake. Oops. Not a good low sodium diet option. FYI, Jack Astor’s post nutritional facts for their menu items on their website. Aaron had the Tuna Avocado Sandwich which is basically a sandwich form of this bowl. I think I would choose the sandwich over the bowl for taste. I enjoy salty food but this is a little on the heavier side and I think I would have preferred it to be on brown rice or even just having more quinoa and no rice. Then again, I’m not a big fan of sticky Japanese rice except in my sushi. I have to give them credit for the presentation though because it did really scream deliciousness. In both items, the avocados were on the not-quite ripe side but I understand timing is difficult with these temperamental little fruits. Overall, I would still return here for a nice drink and I am interested in trying more of their food menu.

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