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Malaysia Day 1: Ottawa – Doha – Kuala Lumpur

I’m back! As this is the first more-than-just-a-getaway-trip with Aaron, it will actually give me something to write about! After 28 hours of travelling, 4 breakfasts (the way the flights worked out), 1 lunch, 3 snacks, and many many naps (either cramped in one seat or across a row of them), we landed in Kuala Lumpur. The worst part of the travels was having the seatbelt light on for 3 hours and needing to use the washroom. The funniest moment was when the flight attendant mentioned Aaron “smells Malaysian” whatever that means. The craziest moment was even we realized it was 48 degrees in Qatar.

At the KL airport was when I was reunited with the long forgotten squatting potty, AKA “squattie”, which of course I opted for the seated toilets. We will see how long I can avoid these. Getting from the airport to the hotel was more complicated than needed to be given there was supposed to be a direct shuttle from the airport where we landed to the airport of our hotel. Of course it didn’t stop for us where we waited so we opted for a taxi ride (despite much resistance from the taxi company people), which they more than doubled at the end because it was from airport to airport. So, I’m exhausted. Time to pass out and get ready for another early morning flight tomorrow.

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