Costa Rica

Costa Rica Day 14: Home

Bright and early! We woke up at 3am to get ready to go to the airport. The hotel shuttle safely and efficiently got us to there. We were also pleasantly surprised with a packed breakfast, which was a very nice touch. Similar to my previous blogs, I will end with a reflective post.

The culture of Ticos is definitely warm, friendly and relaxed. They often seemed to give off the “don’t worry, be happy” vibe, which was very pleasant throughout the trip. All the hosts that we met were so nice and special, making our trip that much more memorable.

Hot and humid. Since we went at the beginning of green season, we were expecting a lot of rain but we have been very lucky with the weather this trip and the rain did not interfere with any of our plans at all!

This was our second time using Spanish except we picked up a few phrases specific to Costa Rica (e.g. Pura Vida – meaning pure life and can be used in almost any context). Originally thinking that being called “chicas” was very offensive, we later took it as quite endearing. We were definitely less well prepared this time without a translation book but we also learnt a lot from simply interacting with the locals making it a more interesting experience!

Top food picks
1. Soda Viquez – La Fortuna
2. Pineapple drink at Monteverde Rustic Lodge
3. Typical breakfast – Cerro Azul at La Fortuna

Most amazing sights
1. Arenal Volcano
2. Strangulating fig tree
3. Quetzal bird
4. Nosara beaches
5. Santa Teresa

1. First time Tarzan jumping (still can’t believe I did it)
2. First time superman-ing across the zip line
3. First time in Central America
4. First time driving/riding across river
5. First time night hiking
6. First time going to the beach when it is pitch dark (very eerie!)
7. First time getting a massage right in front of a beach
8. First time traveling to a country where two currencies are accepted so interchangeably (can get confusing!)
9. First time seeing so many exotic animals (iguana, monkeys, sloths, tarantulas, etc.)
10. First time with horses in my backyard

So that marks the end of our Costa Rica trip. Till next time!

– Tangybowser

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