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China Day 9: Expo

It was today when I realized that I have been well-sheltered from the true Chinese culture in past week in China as a result of being on a guided tour. I was sheltered from the crowds and how you need to cope with it; hence, the saying 上海看人頭。We were given free time to explore the expo site today, so we split up with the rest of the group. Unfortunately, there were too many people so we didn’t get to say our goodbyes or thank our very awesome tour guide. Such a shame.


Find of the day: 30 cent peach popsicles!! So good!

Impressed with: toilets-clean and gave visitors the option of toilets or squatties. Automatic flushing with the opening of the door = great idea.

Not so impressed with: how people used the water stations. The lip of the bottle filler might have been too low so I might have been a good idea to enforce sanitary precautions.

Other notes:
First non-Asian meal. Albeit it was KFC, it was a nice change. Looking for a table to sit at was insane.

Pavillions visited:
China – the Chinese government recently agreed to let certain international tour groups make reservations to see the pavillion without having to endure the crazy lineups for this ever so popular host pavillion! Thanks! It was amazing – from the intelligent “train ride” up to the pavilion to the nice IMAX to the awesome ride through beautiful scenery to the gorgeous animated painting, it will be hard for the other pavillions to live up to this.

Vietnam – cute little pavilion with next to no lineup. Too bad there wasn’t a lot of information about their culture, which I was hoping to learn about.


Canada – loved the VIP treatment. The guard originally told me to lineup but as soon as I said that I am Canadian we got led to seperate entrance. I was already so happy outside seeing that so many people wanted to come to see our pavillion. Once I got in I felt so proud that couldn’t rip the grin off my face. My bro claims that I’m a true Canadian. Pretty nice graphics and videos. Wish the pavillion was bigger.


Netherlands – really impressed with the concept of having many small rooms with different Dutch objects, artwork, and inventions (from the floating rock to Van Gogh hair to the crystal dress). Also liked the idea of having a rest area below the pavilion with little sheep kids can sit on.


Experienced the Shanghai expo bus and metro system. One word: insane.

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