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Hong Kong Day 1: Shanghai – Hong Kong

Experienced Shanghainese traffic and taxi driving today. It was intense with a lot of honking and lane weaving. Felt my blood pressure and heart rate elevating. Don’t know how the locals can deal with this everyday.

Finds of the day:
– Trolleys for carry on baggages – my backpack was getting heavy.

– Coat hooks on the plane seats.
– Cup holder on the tray tables so you don’t need to pull down the table just to hold a drink.
All they need now are personal TVs.

Due to the extreme weather of hk, our 2 hour flight became a 5 hour flight with taxi-ing. Ended up spending the whole day commuting. That’s good I didn’t plan anything for today (I.e. Raymond Lam concert). Didn’t know lunch would be provided on the plane, so we grabbed something to eat before boarding. Ended up eating 2 lunches. Oh well, eating lots is allowed when one is on vacation. Plus, the delay has caused us to not be able to really eat dinner, so that extra food was much needed.

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