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China Day 8: Wuxi – Shanghai

Chinese specialty #5: pearls. Saw for the first time in my life, golden pearls. Also learnt that purple pearls are relatively more rare; hence, more special.

Had the best meal of the trip so far at a floating restaurant on Taihu. Here, we had the famous Wuxi ribs, as noted by the saying 無錫看骨頭。With beautiful scenery, amazing food, and normal toilets, I have no complaints.
The hotels we stayed at on this trip have been awesome – they provide you with everything from combs, shaving kits, toothbrushes to slippers! They were just missing one thing – swim caps. Again, we find ourselves in the same situation where swim caps are required to swim in hotels here. At least I was able to use the gym today.

Chinese specialty #6 – Chinese medicine. We had a foot massage but I didn’t get to enjoy it because I was too busy listening in on how the doctor was convincing my dad to buy herbs. It was not until this trip that I noticed the reversal of roles. When we were young, our parents would look after us, but now it is our turn to look out for them.


Unfortunately, we did not have enough interest in our group to go to see the Shanghai bund. That’s too bad, but we got to see a lot on this trip already so I should be grateful.

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