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China Day 7: Nanking – Wuxi

-According to our native Nankingese tour guide, Nankingese people are known for always speaking their mind and being blunt (and she definitely did have her own opinions and wasn’t afraid of voicing them).
-according to my bro, Chinese tour guides probably all majored in marketing because they all like to give us hardcore advertising before we reach a specialty store. Today we learnt about the benefits of jade (Chinese specialty #3).
-we passed by a dental clinic in Wuxi called Aiya dental clinic. The direct translation is “love your teeth” dental clinic but it also is the sound one makes when in pain. Love the pun.
-Chinese specialty #4: Chinese Zisha teapots. Despite its name, apparently the green ones are the most precious. No hardcore marketing this time which made me more inclined to make purchases. Maybe it was reverse psychology. We also learnt that the Chinese character for tea consists of the words grass and 88. It means drinking tea will let you live till your 88 i.e. giving you longevity. Cool eh? I love how Chinese characters have so much meaning embedded in them.
-note to self: need to bring card key envelop and swim caps to swim in Chinese hotels or at least the hotel we stayed at tonight… After 10 minutes of conversation with the hotel staff in mandarin and 2 elevator trips, guess my plans to go swimming didn’t work out as planned.
-almost end of the trip: overall great cultural trip and had the chance to interact with people of all ages using Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

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