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Goodfood Breakfast Smoothies

When putting in our Goodfood meal kit delivery order recently, we decided to try the Goodfood ready-to-make smoothies. We usually have our own breakfast routine already but it doesn’t hurt to try something new.

We choose the “Smoothie Variety Box #1”. It included four smoothies: 1 Acai Bellini, 1 Cold Brew Crisp, 1 Tropical Storm, 1 Boreal Berry. The instructions are: “Just pop the lid, fill the cup to the top with the liquid of your choice, pour the contents into a blender, and blend for 30 seconds.” Sounds easy enough. 

Smoothie Variety Box #1 by Goodfood

We tried the Tropical Storm first. I was excited because I really enjoy tropical fruits. I added unsweetened almond milk as they suggested. The blending process was not as easy as they claimed. It took a lot more than 30 seconds as the contents all froze into one big clump. We used the NutriBullet and we later tried using another blender but it was still not very easily blended. This one was disappointing. It tasted just ok and I felt hungry after about 1 hour. Then I realized it was only about 160 calories. Definitely not filling enough for me. I decided to only use this as an afternoon snack instead and to add other ingredients to it to boost it.

Next, we tried the Acai Bellini. This one is not bad. This reminded me of something you can get at Booster Juice with the banana and strawberries. It was more filling with the rolled oats and hemp seeds. 

Next, we tried the Cold Brew Crisp. This one is a winner! We loved the caffeine kick with the cold brew, the creaminess of the banana and cashew butter and the crunch from the cacao nibs and roasted coffee beans. We zhuzhed it up with some chocolate protein powder and our liquid of choice was half milk and half water and it was delicious. I’ve been thinking about this since and even bought some cacao nibs to hopefully make my own. 

Lastly, we tried the Boreal Berry. This a pretty standard smoothie with berries and kale — something we would usually make if we were to make our own smoothie. We added some vanilla protein powder and used almond milk. The end result was way too sweet. I think the protein powder probably added some sweetness to it but the main culprit been the maple nuggets. I had to water it down quite a bit and it was still too sweet.

Overall, we’re not sure if we would order this again. If anything, we would want to only get the Cold Brew Crisp one and we think we’ll just try to make it ourselves. The pricing was alright at $4.99 per portion as a breakfast box, (the price is $4.49 if you order it as an extra in addition to your dinner box). As a comparison is a little less than what you would pay at a place like Booster Juice ($5.95+) and much less than what you would pay at a local restaurant such as Pure Kitchen ($8.75+). FYI, the Cold Brew Crisp reminded me of Pure Kitchen’s Funky Monkey, one of our favourite smoothies to get there. But then again you can’t really compare to restaurant prices and it’s also important to #supportlocal. There is convenience with everything proportioned; however, it may be more time consuming trying to blend a chunk of frozen block and also having to add more ingredients to it to make it more filling. Good try Goodfood, but we will pass for now. 

Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 

4 thoughts on “Goodfood Breakfast Smoothies”

  1. Did you manage to create a copycat version of the Cold Brew Crisp smoothie? If so Would you share please?


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