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NeXT: A Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all restaurants in Ottawa are closed for dining-in. I will try to highlight local restaurants which are still open and offering take-out and delivery options in the meantime. NeXT has recently relaunched with a very enticing take-out menu. You can also get delivery via UberEats. For information on other restaurants which are still open for take-out and delivery, check out Local Eats Ottawa.

For Valentine’s day, Aaron and I went to NeXT for a memorable, romantic dinner. They had a special tasting menu that night and I was super excited. We have been here for their Sunday brunch. See our post from last week for our review of their brunch.


NeXT is located in Stittsville, west of Ottawa. The ambience at night was very different from during the day. They opened up another dimly-lit dining area with purple lights that evening – very romantic. 


For drinks, I went with the wine flight with the meal. It was $45 for the wine pairings which included 3 4oz glasses of wine and a 2oz dessert wine. The meal also came with a complementary glass of prosecco. 


This evening consisted of a 9-course menu at the price of $95 per person. 

We were welcomed with a glass of prosecco as well as Black Kalamata Olive and Garlic Confit Palmier. I loved it. Who would’ve thought a usually sweet pastry works so well with black kalamata olive paste. It was so unique and so good.

Black Kalamata Olive and Garlic Confit Palmier @ NeXT

One: Acidulated Choggia Beets and Crisp Leeks with smoked feta and roasted shallot balm cider. This salad lovely mix of textures with the crispy leeks and the dressing was delicious. 

Two: Pulled Duck and Garlic Confit Turnovers with foie gras butter. This was a very rich dish.

These first two dishes were paired with Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand which was very fruity and refreshing. I think I would’ve preferred the duck paired with a red wine, though.

Acidulated Choggia Beets and Crisp Leeks with smoked feta and roasted shallot balm cider @ NeXT

Three: Lamb and Fennel Crispy Dumplings. I am not quite sure where the dumpling is but I’m just glad that the lamb was not gamy at all. Perhaps the dumpling was referring to the dumpling skin?

Four: Tuna Sashimi. The sashimi was good finished with XO sauce and crisp shallots. I loved the tempura fried sea asparagus on the side.

These items were paired with a Pinot Noir from Argentina. It was surprisingly not bad for a Pinot. I would’ve preferred the tuna sashimi with a white wine instead.

Five: Smoked Haddock Chowder. The was a creamy chowder with corn, double smoked bacon and fingerling potato. It was a nice intermission between the starters and the mains.

Smoked Haddock Chowder @ NeXT

Six: Beef Tenderloin. This was good but not spectacular beef. It had lovely sides though. I enjoyed the potato gratin, brussel leaf and white asparagus cranberry toss and green peppercorn redux.

Seven: Miso Lacquered Seared Pickerel with Flash Fried Sour Long Bean. I generally love miso cod at Japanese restaurants so I’m a fan of this dish.

This duo was paired with my go-to wine: Cabernet Sauvignon from California.

Eight: Caramel Chocolate Peanut Parfait. I loved the chocolate moose like parfait, although I am not a fan of the rum soaked cherries. The crumble espresso meringue was ok as I am generally not a fan of meringue.

Nine: Lemon Sticky Pavlova – filled with blackberry candied ginger cream. Not a fan of ginger but not bad.

I had the choice to pair my desserts with a late harvest Riesling from Ontario vs. A Taylor Fladgate Port. I chose the port since I don’t usually drink this and it was lovely.

Caramel Chocolate Peanut Parfait @ NeXT


The service was excellent. Our server was very attentive and courteous.


I loved my experience here. Their dinner definitely did not disappoint. I know Stittsville can be quite out of the way for most people but it’s totally worth the trek out if you can!


6400 Hazeldean Road, Stittsville, ON, K2S 1S4

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