Boston, USA

Boston Day 2

For breakfast this morning, we went to the famous Mike & Patty’s, a cute cozy sandwich shop. They only had very limited seating and it was very crowded when we arrived at 9am on a Saturday. Luckily, the staff there is very efficient and it cleared out quickly. Many people were getting take-out so we were able to get seat. I had the classic sandwich, which to my disappointment, was a bit unremarkable. Aaron chose the “Breakfast Grilled Crack” which was included a fried egg, bacon, 4 types of cheese (American, Swiss, cheddar and gruyere) between slices of sourdough bread. This sandwich was amazing and I understood after eating this why people enjoy Mike & Patty’s so much. 

Breakfast Grilled Crack @ Mike & Patty’s

After breakfast, we took a stroll around the nearby Boston Public Garden and Boston Common. It was a quiet morning with a few people in the park so it was a very relaxing walk. 

Boston Public Garden

Beer Time!

Time flew by as it was now time for our brewery tour with City Brew Tours. Our tour had around 12 people.  Our tour guide, Chase, was very knowledgable and easy going. We started with an ice-breaker then arrived at our first brewery in no time. 

Our first stop was at Somerville Brewing Company, AKA Slumbrew. Chase chose a few beers for us to taste. We started with the Happy Sol, a light wheat beer. We then had the Trekker Trippel, a Belgian blonde which is deceivingly light tasting for a strong beer. Next, we had the Porter Square Porter which tasted like coffee. Finally we had the Flagraiser IPA which was a bit hazy and hoppy but not too juicy. We also shared pretzels were really good with the honey mustard. Overall, I feel that there was a good variety of beer but nothing really stood out for me. They run a lot of events at their taproom though, including comedy nights, trivia nights and times when you can bring a laptop to do work.

Next, we went to Bearmoose Brewing Co. I love the vibe here. The feel is very laid back with plenty of seating. There was an engagement party happening at the same time that we were here. So fun. The beer here was excellent! I appreciated that Chase listened to our preferences and chose pours based on that. We started with the R.B.P. Pale Ale which was a pretty decent pale ale. Then we had the Show Me Your Pitties which was our first NEIPA of the tour. *Air horns* It was great. Next, we had the Slamber which was an interesting Red Ale. Finally, we ended with the Illegal Pour, which was an oatmeal stout. Great variety of beers once again. Not everyone in our group are fans of NEIPAs but Aaron and I wanted to try their other NEIPA, Hazy Bandit, of which we got a mini-taster on the side and was excellent! I’m content.

Bearmoose Brewing Co.

Lastly, we stopped at WinterHill Brewing Company. We started with the light North American Haircut, which was a standard pilsner. Then we had the Johnny Juice Bomb, which I was hoping would be a little juicier. Next, we had Ryan the Terrible, which was a unique rye beer, which tasted like ham sandwich. Very interesting. Then we had the Russian Ending, which was a Russian Imperial Stout, not my cup of tea. We saw there was another NEIPA on draft so we had to get an extra taster of the Mosaica. It was good. Overall, this place had more of a pub-like vibe and some interesting beers but I think I prefer those of Bearmoose more.

Johnny Juice Bomb

So that’s the end of our brewery tour. Overall, I had a great time at this tour. I would recommend it. As much as I wish they had a NEIPA-only tour, I’m glad I got to try so many different types of beer. Apparently they have tours running to other cities. Perhaps we will join another one of their tours elsewhere in the future! Remember to add me on untapped (@Bowsing Nom Noms) to read my tasting notes!

Noodles Time

After all that beer, we were getting hungry for some Chinese food. Since we were dropped off close to Chinatown, we headed over to Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe!

They serve a variety of Northern Chinese food here. Our friend, Aimee, recommended that we try their hand-pulled noodles here so we had to order that. We also ordered the house noodle soup. The noodles were nice and chewy, with a good amount of spice, sour taste, and garlic. I appreciated the abundance of fatty beef in the house noodle soup. Aaron also ordered some lamb skewers, which were tender, but still somewhat gamy for my taste.

Noodles @ Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by TeaDo for some bubble tea. It’s alright. Pretty standard stuff.

Siesta Time

It was time for a siesta to sleep off all that beer. I was captivated by the Kid’s Baking Championship marathon which was airing on the Food Network that evening. But we must leave before finding out who the winner is, as it was time for our dinner reservations. Between the beer and noodles, I was pretty full at this time but we must carry on as we had a very special meal tonight.

Feast Time

Aaron had made reservations at Table Boston. We were surprised we were able to make a reservation so last minute. Each evening, there is only one seating at 7pm. It was supposed to be a family-style dinner with communal seating for 32 people. Each table of 6 shares 8 courses from a pre-set menu. The price is $92 per person. I enjoyed the warm and noisy ambience, similar to having dinner in someone’s dining room.

To start, we were given bread with olives. Aaron really loved the bread as we had to ask for seconds throughout the evening. Our neighbours loved the thyme-infused olive oil and was savouring it throughout the meal. 

Next we had the burrata and proscuitto. These are two of my favourite things. I felt it paired well with the pistachio pesto, which was very unique. 

Burrata and proscuitto @ Table Boston

Next up was the sesame-crusted tuna. There was a generous portion of ahi-tuna. I loved the citrus hints of blood orange but I think there was bit too much sesame seeds for my taste. It was kind of overpowering the tuna. 

Sesame-crusted tuna @ Table

Let’s rewind a little bit and remember that I was full even prior to this meal. At this point, I was extremely full. I looked at the menu and noticed that we were only on course #3. 

Next up is the meatball. I was thinking, I can probably eat one meatball; however, this one meatball is the size of a small melon. I enjoyed every bite though. You really can’t go wrong with a meatball made with 3 types of meat (beef, pork and veal) and 3 types of cheese (parmigiana, ricotta and mozzarella). The marinara sauce was also excellent.

Course #5 was a truffle ricotta gnocchi. The gnocchi was made entirely with ricotta and no potatoes! I felt the mushrooms was excellent but the addition of the truffle was maybe too heavy at this point of meal. 

Truffle ricotta gnocchi @ Table

We all breathed a sigh of relief when we realized that the next course was a refreshing, light arugula salad. I love arugula and was excited about this; however I tend to be very sensitive to sour tastes and would have preferred if the vinagrette had more honey and less lemon.

We gotta end strong with the chicken madeira. We were all impressed with the moist chicken breast topped with sun dried tomatoes and sage oil. 

Last but not least, was the dessert for the night – a ricotta zeppoli. A zeppoli is a crunchy cinnamon sugar donut which is totally up Aaron’s alley (with his obsession with churros, BeaverTails, mini donuts and the like). I was very impressed with the amazing fresh raspberry coulis while Aaron was practically drinking the warm smooth hazelnut spread. This was an excellent way to end the meal.

Ricotta zeppoli @ Table

Overall, we had a great experience. At the end, Chef Jen Royle came out and interacted with us which was very nice. The service was excellent throughout the evening. I like the concept of communal seating and interacting with other guests. I just wish I wasn’t as full and uncomfortable throughout the meal. That was my fault though. I would recommend that if you decide to visit, make sure you are super hungry before you come so you can fully enjoy this great meal.

The streets were very busy as we walked back to the hotel as there was another Celtics game tonight. I didn’t mind it too much. It was kind of nice to soak in the fun atmosphere as we ended our second day in Boston. 

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