Canada, Montreal

Montreal 2.0: Day 3

On our third day in Montreal, we decided to check out some tourist attractions. We headed over to Old Montreal this jmorning. We were hoping to grab some breakfast at Olive et Gourmando, a very popular brunch place in Montreal. Unfortunately, it was very busy even for a weekday morning. They advised us there was a 15-minute wait which was not bad but we had lunch plans in around 1 hour so this was not going to work out. We decided to skip breakfast instead.  

We walked around the small alleys of Old Montreal and checked out a few stores there. We also visited the Notre-Dame Basilica. I’ve been here before for their light show but I was still so amazed by its beauty. Parts of it was under renovations but the majority of the basilica was still opened to visitors. We had a nice visit, before heading over to the nearby Chinatown.

Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal

We were meeting up with my mom’s friends for lunch. We gathered at the Association Chao Chow du Québec and then headed over to Restaurant Impérial for some dim sum. It was a very large and nice dim sum place. We got to sample many different dishes that day with my favourite being the roasted pork, as well as the shrimp and chive dumplings.

After lunch, we stopped by Prestotea for some bubble tea. I tried their brown sugar pearl boba latte. It was too sweet for my taste, even when I ordered it to be “less sweet”. The bubbles were very unique though and had a different taste/texture than that of which I’m used to.

Brown sugar pearl boba latte @ Prestotea

We then headed over to Old Port for a nice walk before taking the metro over to the Olympic Park. We’ve had a tour of the Olympic Stadium before so we were not too interested in doing the same. We also weren’t too interested in going up the tower, so we just took some pictures of the exterior buildings before calling it a day.

We still haven’t forgotten about our scrumptious leftovers from last night’s dinner. We decided to stop by a small, local grocery store for some cheese, beer, charcuterie and baguette to eat with our pork shoulder and stuffed PDC at home. It was a nice quiet night at our Airbnb with some good food and video games.

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