Chesterfield’s Gastro Diner: My Favourite Brunch in Ottawa

If I must pick a favourite place for brunch in Ottawa, it will have to be Chesterfield’s Gastro Diner. We used to come here all the time I few years ago when it was still unknown and it was quite easy to get a table even on the weekend. It has since become so popular that you will often see a line out the restaurant even in the middle of winter. 


The cozy restaurant in located on Wellington Street, between Hintonburg and Westboro. Parking is relatively easy along the side streets. With the new LRT, it is very close to the Tunney’s Pasture station. The vibe here is very casual. There is an open kitchen, so be prepared to have your clothes smell like delicious food after this. The furniture is very interesting, as if you are in someone’s living room. I really enjoy the friendly and cozy atmosphere.


I usually get a tea here to go with my brunch. It is usually served in a whimsical teapot. During the summer months, I may opt for the iced coffee sweetened with maple syrup. If you get the classic 2-egg breakfast, it comes with coffee or tea.


You really cannot go wrong with anything on the menu here. I have plenty of favourites so it usually takes me some time to decide on what to order. I often order their benny special. The last time I went they had a “Shepard’s Pie Benny”. I also really enjoy the “Fun Guy Melt”, which is a mountain of delicious roasted veggies topped with an over easy egg. For something lighter, I will opt for the Israeli board with shashuka eggs, naan chips & hummus, tomato cucumber salad and various other goodies. For something heavier, they have the steak hash with tenderloin, roasted veggies, and two over-easy eggs. The sliders are also one of my favourites here and if you’re ever in a rush and want to just get takeout, this is a very good option.

One of the unique features for their meals is that they’re usually paired with 1 or 2 sides. This is the most exciting part because their sides are amazing! My personal favourites are the soup of the week, roasted beets, spicy slaw and naan chips & hummus. But everything looks good, so I just want to try them all!


The service is usually excellent here. The staff is very friendly. When they get busy, it can be a little slower but they are happy to help if you wave them down.


This is an excellent brunch place that I would try to go to on a weekday if possible. I sometimes still brave the crowd on the weekend but compared to other brunch places in Ottawa and Vancouver, the wait really isn’t too bad. It also looks like they are testing out a dinner menu. I am excited to give this a try soon!

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