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Japan 3.0: Day 8 (Fukuoka)

It was our last day of our trip. Again, it is always sad to leave. Our flight was at 1pm today and we did not want to stress out rushing to the airport last minute again so we decided to just head over to the airport and eat and do some shopping there instead of the city. I did want to check out the Loft and Don Quijote but I guess that will have to wait until the next time we come back to Japan. 

To the Runway!

The trains at 10 am wasn’t too packed. It also helps that the airport was only a 15-minute ride away. Once there, we dropped off our bags into ANA’s futuristic robot luggage drop-off stalls, then headed over to the “Ramen Runway” for some brunch. We looked at the various ramen noodle stalls and decided on a Hakata-style ramen stall (Mankai) which was from Osaka, interestingly enough. The tonkotsu broth was perfectly smooth, porky and fatty, just the way we like it. Aaron tried the shio version, which had a clearer broth and was lighter in taste, but was still very delicious. We were very happy with our last bowls of ramen in Fukuoka. Then we shopped around for some local treats before heading over to our gate. 

Better Than a Paid Airport Lounge

The flight over to Tokyo was unremarkable, then we took the shuttle to Terminal 2 for our JAL flight back to Canada. Aaron really wanted to have one last cutlet before leaving Japan and we found a Yoshinoya in the airport, which apparently services tonkatsu. It was located on the other end of the international gates but it was then we realized that the connection between the two ends of the terminal was amazing! There was a bunch of lounging space, coin massage chairs in individual cubicles, a futuristic washroom and a cafe serving Cremia!

Comfort Food

At Yoshinoya, I had to get my favourite gyudon while Aaron had the tonkatsu meal. We were content with our meal choices and were pretty satisfied as we walked back to our gate. But of course, we had to stop for one last Cremia before leaving Japan.

It was a lovely flight back to Canada and this concludes our trip to Fukuoka!

Until next time, happy travels!

2 thoughts on “Japan 3.0: Day 8 (Fukuoka)”

  1. Brings back happy memories of visiting Japan about 30+ years ago. They have always embraced a mixture of the traditional (food, clothing, ceremonies, celebrations) and the futuristic – they had the bullet train even back then!


    1. Wow! It’s amazing that they had the bullet train even back then!You should go visit again, Martine! Japan is such a lovely country with so much to see and experience.


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