Chinese donut @ 永和豆漿大王
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Taipei Day 3

Last day in Taipei and also the last day of our trip. It’s hard to believe. I did not have a good night’s sleep at all, as I was up all night coughing and blowing my nose. Aaron wasn’t feeling the best either, so we ended up starting our day late at 10am.

Soy Milk Part 2

First things first, was to get some soy milk breakfast again! We decided to take it easy and used Uber instead of public transit for the day. The rates were quite reasonable so it wasn’t too bad. Our first Uber ride went quite smoothly except for the fact that I had a nose bleed as soon as we stepped into the car. I guess all that nose-blowing did it. Luckily I was able to stop it as soon as we arrived at the restaurant. Our restaurant of choice today was: 永和豆漿大王 (Yong He Soy Milk King), another popular choice for soy milk. We decided to pass on the salty soy milk today and ordered one cold and one hot sweet soy milk, some Chinese donuts and the egg crepe with Chinese donut inside. Again, service was super fast and we paid, got our food and sat down in no time. The soy milk was again very creamy. I wanted to get the hot one to dip the Chinese donut in but I preferred the sweeter cold one to drink more. This time I did not have to order it to-go and it did come in a cup. The Chinese donut was comparable to the one yesterday from Fu Hang Soy Milk. Something about the donuts in Taipei though – so good! The egg crepe with Chinese donut was too salty for me but Aaron felt it contrasted the sweet soy milk very well.

No Luck with Coffee Shops

After breakfast, Aaron wanted to grab some coffee but yet again, the coffee shop that he wanted to go to was closed! I don’t understand the hours of coffee shops here! We found another hipster, mini coffee shop – The Folks. This was a one man show with only one barista running the whole place. The prices were not cheap but he seemed to be very knowledgable and skilled in what he was doing. He was very attentive, offering me hot water when he noticed I was coughing and offering Aaron a sample of an espresso brewed with another type bean as Aaron seemed intrigued in what he was brewing using his syphon coffee maker

Another Tall Tower

Next, we headed to Taipei 101. I guess we needed to do something touristy while we were here. Aaron also was interested in its architecture and how it looked like bamboo. Within 37 seconds, we reached the observatory on the 89th floor. Its elevator is one of the fastest in the world. The view was really breathtaking and you can go up a couple more floors to look at the view from an outdoor deck. Here, you can also learn about the steel pendulum damper whose role is to prevent damage to the building from strong winds (i.e. from typhoons). For keepsake, you can take a picture with its mascot: Damper Baby.

Eating Till The Last Minute

Time was running out and we had to fit one more meal in before we headed to the airport. As a beef noodle fanatic, Aaron suggested we go to 富宏牛肉麵 (Fuhong Beef Noodles). The beef noodle here was equally delicious to those we had yesterday. The price was a little lower but they also had less meat. There was a choice of thick or thin noodles. I was too tired/sick by this point so Aaron went up to order in English and he had ordered the thick noodles but we ended up with the thinner noodles somehow. Regardless, it was still very good beef noodle. The uniqueness of this restaurant was actually the big bowl of fish roe butter on the table. By adding a few spoonfuls of it in your bowl, you will transform your bowl of noodles into something even more spectacular. It will add creaminess, spiciness and more depth to the flavour of the broth. It’s a must try. There was another type of spicy satay butter on the table as well but we didn’t get to try. I didn’t want to be too adventurous just before a 10+ hour flight.

Aaron was really milking our time here as he even picked up one last bubble tea from Gold Fish on our way to pick up our bags from our hotel. He chose the Earl Grey bubble tea and the tea flavour was excellent here. 

After a ~45 minute Uber ride to the airport, we arrived back at Taoyuan Airport and we were on our journey back home. We had the chance to fly Premium Economy with Air Canada this trip, so stay tuned for a post on our experience!

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