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Toronto Day 2: Strange Love – Joon’s Restaurant – First Tesla Road Trip

Featured image: Dakgalbi @ Joon’s Restaurant. Photo credit. Aaron.

It was a nice and productive morning for me. I had breakfast and got some blogging done at a nearby coffee shop, Strange Love, with an extremely high rating of 9.0 on Four Square. It was a cozy coffee shop only a few tables in the back. It also had a good breakfast and coffee menu. I had the maple oatmeal bowl with banana, apple, and topped with a dollop of almond cream, sprinkled with cinnamon coupled with a lover’s matcha latte. The oatmeal bowl was very nice, with the taste of autumn and the lover’s matcha was lightly sweetened with their special tonka bean syrup. (Note: I asked for half sweet and it was perfect.)

Maple oatmeal bowl + lover’s matcha latte @ Strange Love
Maple oatmeal bowl + lover’s matcha latte @ Strange Love

After going back to the hotel to pack and check out, we headed to North York for some lunch. North York really reminded me of Burnaby, B.C. with Yonge Street reminiscent of Kingsway.  Our restaurant pick was Joon’s Restaurant, a Korean restaurant specializing in dakgalbi. Without hesitation, we ordered the original spicy dakgalbi for 2. The minimum order is 2 servings, so come with a friend (or not 😉)! For those who have never had dakgalbi, it is basically deliciously marinated chicken on a hot plate with various other ingredients. This one came with cabbage and sweet potato. We added ramen and cheese. It was absolutely delicious! I highly recommend this! If we came with a bigger group, I would have loved to order extra toppings and a bowl of rice for a fried rice using the left over soup/ingredients at the end (similar to what we did on our Kelowna Road Trip). It would have been even more amazing!

After a brief stop at a friend’s place to catch up, we were on the road back to Ottawa. The Tesla navigator was very intelligent and actually advised us to stop at Kingston for a charge as soon as we plugged in our trip details but Aaron wanted to check out the Belleville supercharging stations since it was newly installed. It was interesting that the charging stations were located in malls and not at rest areas as I had expected. I would have preferred the latter because the mall in Belleville was actually closed by the time we arrived, so we just went to the Starbucks/Chapters, which was fortunately still opened, for a coffee/washroom break. We stayed for around 30 minutes and got ~140 kmh of charge for only $1.40. It showed that we will have around 19% left when we reached home but as we were driving, we saw that the percentage kept dropping, which was a bit unsettling. We figured we would just be safe and charged up a little more at the Kingston station. Here, we only stayed for a 8 minutes and got an extra ~100km for $3.20. It was more expensive but it noticeably charged much quicker here! At the end of the day, we made it home with 25% of the charge left! It was a successful first road trip with our Tesla!


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