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Kelowna Road Trip Day 3: Kelowna – Coquitlam – Vancouver

Featured image: Mountain view on our way back from Kelowna.

Last day in Kelowna was pretty much a travel day for us. The coffee-lovers amongst our group needed their morning coffee, so we quickly stopped by Pulp Fiction Coffee House before our journey home. This was highly-rated online and was as hipster as it gets. I did not have the coffee so I can’t really comment on that; however, I did see they have a maple bacon donut, which looked deadly.

Our trip back was pretty unremarkable except for 1. A quick pit stop at a rest station where none of the toilets flushed. It was a quite the experience to say the least. 2.  Another quick stop at a bamboo farm for Aaron to look at some prospective garden plants.

We couldn’t end our trip with a bunch of food-lovers without a delicious feast, so we stopped in Coquitlam (AKA Korea Town central) for some comforting Korean food.

We were really craving gamja tang and budae jjigae, so we headed to Ta Bom, which had both. More importantly, they served their budae jjigae on a hot plate with your choice of sides. We chose cheese, sausages and corn. It was an amazing budae jjigae experience! We even asked for extra rice at the end to make a nice fried rice with the leftover soup/ingredients! The gamja tang, on the other hand, was lack-lustre. Sadly, I would not come here for that dish. The popcorn chicken dish, however, was pretty good. We even had to order seconds!

Spicy Popcorn Chicken @ Ta Bom
Budae Jjigae Hot Plate @ Ta Bom
Gamja Tang @ Ta Bom

So that ends our short getaway to Kelowna. If you’ve been to Kelowna/The Okanagan and there was anything else we missed, please leave me message below.

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