Los Angeles, USA

Trip Reflection: Los Angeles


I’ve always been reluctant to travel to the States since I feel that is it too similar culturally to Canada. It doesn’t feel like I’m experiencing something new. This trip made me appreciate these similarities. The currency was easy to understand (although it would have been even easier if our dollar was stronger and at par, like it has been in the past). Credit cards were widely accepted even with smaller stores and kiosks using ipad-integrated systems. Language is definitely not a problem.

I feel that LA is more similar to Vancouver, both being on the west coast vs. New York, which feels more like Toronto. It had the beaches, the nicer weather, the gorgeous mountains. The people are more relaxed and more into being outdoors. I was so impressed with the number of people hiking on the many trails that were available here.

Runyon Canyon Park. Photo credit: Aaron.


The weather is absolutely perfect. The mornings can be a little hazy but the rest of the day is nice and sunny. It was hot but not dreadfully so like how Asia and Europe can get in the summer. The nights cool down to under 20 degrees celsius, for those who needed a break from the heat.

Perfect beach weather from the patio of Nobu, Malibu.

Top Food Picks

  1. Beef noodle soup @ Pine and Crane
  2. The duck @ Broken Spanish
  3. Shima aji with fried leeks @ Nobu

Top Sights

  1. The view from Griffith Park
  2. TCL Chinese Theatre at night
  3. Getty Centre’s architecture
  4. The city view from the US Bank Tower
View of Griffith Observatory from Griffith Park.


  • Wine tasting in the park
  • Seeing Jupiter through the telescope
  • Having so much Mexican food in a short period of time
  • Sliding down a glass slide on the side of 72nd floor of a building (I guess… still not impressed)
  • Hiking on such sandy terrain
  • Using the shared Lyft service

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