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Malaysia II Day 2: Life in KK

Rise and shine! I, of course, woke up at 5am this morning because of my early retirement to bed last night. This is a fine hour to wake up as the rooster, dogs and birds are all up and adding to the sounds of nature anyway. We had some local fruits to start the morning off – some sweet papaya and also this fruit called “ciku”, AKA 人心果 in Chinese.  Tropical fruits are so sweet and fresh! We hung around at home enjoying the surrounding wildlife, waiting for everyone to get ready.

We then headed off to fight traffic again, but it was well worth it because it was laska time! Laska must be our favourite Malaysian dish. And it is super cheap – only around 6 MYR which is $2 CAD! After lunch, we headed to Wisma to run some errands. Downtown KK was beautiful as it was next to the sea. We rushed home soon after picking up some snacks (Famous Amos cookies and egg tarts) to receive the beer shipment for the wedding celebration in a few days. The cookies were tasty and the egg tarts were small but buttery and fluffy.

Then it was time to head out again to the City Mall to get my nails done. I spotted a ChaTime there so of course I had to get something. They were out of stock of a lot of ingredients since it was end of the day, so I tried the “Strawberry Pudding au Lait”. Think Starbucks “Strawberries and Creme”, with some pudding for extra flavour. Despite the 30 degrees weather outside, the malls are nicely AC’d, so after my cold drink, I was shivering my way through the rest of our shopping trip. Note to self – bring a cardigan next time. I can still so shocked that it is possible to haggle prices to 50% off the marked price. You can only imagine how much the prices are marked up and how much I would be ripped off as someone who doesn’t like to haggle prices down. We head home and had a quick dinner, then when I realized I was just passing out left right and center, I decided that it was time to head to bed early again. Jet lag life.

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