Special occasion

Billy Miner Pie

We went to The Keg Manor to celebrate our friend’s birthday the other day. This location is quite special as it basically feels like you are dining in someone’s dining room. Of course, this someone also has a lot of money in order to afford to live in such a mansion, but I digress. Another positive for this location is that it takes reservations, even on a Friday night, which is often difficult to find. 

As we were seated, we were presented with their specials menu, which consisted of lobster, lobster and more lobster! As I huge lobster fan, see Bowsing in SXM blog, I was very tempted by this menu. At the same time, I feel this strong sense of obligation to eat steak at The Keg. Suddenly, there was something on the specials’ menu which caught my attention – the surf and turf! It consisted of 2 fillet medallions and a lobster tail. Perfect! Aaron opted for the classic prime rib instead. While awaiting for our mains to arrive, we snacked on some delicious baked brie (with crostini’s, basil pesto and red pepper jelly) and garlic cheese toast. The brie dish was so good! I would have finished the whole thing if my politeness didn’t kick in. 

I enjoyed how the butter for my lobster arrived in a romantic candle holder; however, it was so pretty, it could have been mistaken for a center piece for the table. The steak was good, as expected from the Keg. The lobster was alright -on the tough/dry side (especially compared with the Lobster Thermidor at Bistrot Caribs in St. Martin) but butter made everything better. The coleslaw was interesting as the dressing had an asian edge to it. I’ve been having too much slaw lately, though, so I think I need to stop ordering menu items with slaw included. The portion size is perfect, since I usually feel stuffed when I eat steak. I then took a bite of Aaron’s prime rib and was immediately converted. It was so tender and fatty, I could no longer look at my meal the same way. This is a must-try for you meat lovers! 

For dessert, the birthday boy’s wife highly recommended the Billy Miner Pie, described as “basically a fluffy ice cream cake”. I knew immediately, I needed to order that and I was not disappointed. It was so fluffy and light, I could have finished the whole thing by myself.

Overall, I was very impressed with the baked brie, prime rib and the Billy Miner Pie and I would definitely come here again.

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