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Malaysia Day 9: Kota Kinabalu – Kuala Lumpur

It was nice to stay over one night at Aaron’s grandpa’s since we got to spend more time with him and it is also a good central meeting place for everyone. We has some delicious pork buns and noodles before paying a visit to Aaron’s grandma at the cemetery. It started pouring as soon as we reached the cemetery, then stopped as soon as we left. Of course we all got drenched again from Malaysia’s unpredictable precipitation. We then arrive at the airport where it was nice to have most of the close relatives seeing us off with a farewell McDonald’s meal! We then exchanged many waves and hugs and got to our gate right on time for boarding. It is amazing how time flew by and it has been one week since we were here and now it’s time to leave everyone. It always feel so surreal on vacation but it is especially difficult to go back to “real life” when one has been surrounded by such welcoming people. It was really nice to meet everyone before the wedding next year as I can now look forward to seeing them again. The plane ride was nice where I got to finish the Filipino rom-com I started along with catching up on my blogging. We arrive in KL in no time and since we’ve been to this airport before, it made our lives easier to find the way to the taxis. After a quick nap, we arrive at our beautiful hotel. With SPG status, we were able to get an upgrade to an executive suite. It is always so bitter sweet when I arrive at such an amazing accommodation. I am one to really appreciate nice hotels but at the same time, I find it a shame that we won’t be spending much time in our room. We dropped by the executive lounge for some drinks and hors d’oeuvres before going around to check out the city. Our hotel is right in the centre of lively KL. It is amazing how many people are still out all night long on a weekday. There were restaurants, malls and street performers everywhere you go. Because we were foodies we had to check out the Jalan Alor where there were stalls and stalls of street vendors. The aggressive solicitation of the vendors reminded me of Portugal when we were looking for a restaurant. We tried some satay, bak kut teh (pork bone tea), and fried chicken wings. I can only trust Aaron when he said the food was authentic since I wasn’t able to fully enjoy it with my congestion. I know that it is likely a simple virus which is self limiting but it is so debilitating especially on a trip. As such, we had to called it an early night.

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