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Malaysia Day 8: Last day in KK

Time flies when your days are jam-packed with celebrations and activities, because today was our last day in KK. We spent most of the morning packing to go to Aaron’s grandpa’s, then we headed downtown to meet up with Laura and Stu to look over our engagement photos. It took a few run-throughs but we finally narrowed down our final choices. Can’t wait to see the edited versions!  It was also here where I was unable go avoid the long dreaded squattie but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. 

Since my bag has been completely destroyed during the storm on the boat (see island hopping post), it was time I replaced it with a new one. I have been walking around with my belongings in a nice merchandise bag but I don’t think this will suffice when we go to KL and don’t have access to a car. We went to Suria mall for some food court Hainanese chicken rice before getting down to the shopping. I realized they had quite nice stores there with a good selection of shoes, bags and dresses. Wish we spent more time here during this trip.

It was time to head home but on our way we stopped at a scenic point overlooking downtown KK. It would have been more beautiful if it wasn’t pouring. We then arrive home to an delicious seafood feast with extra satays since Aaron’s family knew how much I loved the satays at the market the other day. Thank you! After inhaling way too much food in too little time, we distributed the souvenirs from Canada to the family before the cousins headed off for a movie’s night. We decided to take it easy at home and to do some more packing and re-arranging. Tomorrow, we head off to KL!

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