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Malaysia Day 7: Engagement dinner

The day was off to a good start with us chilling at the beach, eating breakfast then a quick dip both at the pool and beach. Then we headed back to downtown KK for some HK style food. After satisfying our tummies, it’s time to get my nails done for tonight’s party! Little did I know this was also where I was getting my hair and makeup done. So it became a super long makeover visit at this really cute beauty salon. Being informed that the traffic was really bad (again), we had to change plans to meet at one central place to get ready. By this time we have already split up with Aaron in charge of the beverages for tonight and going to pick up our clothes from where we were staying. We then all met up at Aaron’s grandpa’s for a quick change and makeup fix-up then we headed downtown again to the hotel to see some of the guests have arrived already. This was also the first time I saw the decorated ballroom and I’d have to say they did a really good job given the time crunch. We asked for a coral colour theme and they managed to find a peachy colour for the decors so I was impressed given they had no idea what we meant by coral at the beginning. After greeting the guests, we get seated for our 8 course meal. It’s always nice being at the head table as you get served all your food. It’s definitely nicer than navigating the lazy susan. After some impromptu speeches and embarassing use of the Malay language there was room for more embarassment as we were asked to dance the traditional dance. Unaware of where the music came from we couldn’t say no to this tradition and just went along with it. Then all the cousins came up and joined us and the music switched to the ever-so-famous Gangnam Style. It was fun times seeing all the cousins laughing and dancing. After all the food, dancing, cake cutting and many many photos including all the possible permutations, we head over to the bar next door for some live music, pool and an approximately RM300 ($100CAD) tower of Japanese beer. After the third day in one week where I had full-on make up and hair, I couldn’t wait to get home to have my own face and hair back.

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