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Malaysia Day 6: Photoshoot

Today is the day of our engagement photo shoot which means lots of running around for last minute details but before that – laska time! This is one of my favourite Malaysian dishes and I have long awaited for this moment. We went to one of Aaron’s uncles restaurants where Aaron ordered 2 large laskas. When it arrived, it appeared my bowl was smaller than Aaron’s. His relatives were saying how they looked at my size and gender and decided the medium is more suitable for me – oh little do they know how much I can eat. Another speculation was that they knew I was getting photos taken today and didn’t want me to look too fat. We never found out why but his uncle did promise that next time we came back I would get a big bowl. We then rushed to downtown KK again to see if I can find a nice white long dress for the shoot but we had no luck. We did end up getting nice roses as an prop though. We arrive at the resort right on time but both the makeup artist and photographers were lost trying to find our room in this large resort so everything was pushed back one hour. We then rushed to get some pre-sunset pictures. We were super stiff at first but learnt to become more relaxed throughout the shoot. We quickly had a change before catching the sunset shots. Time is of the essence when it comes to sunset shots as it flew by before we knew it. We’re so glad to have been working with Laura and Stu as they seemed to really understand the simple and sweet style we were going for. We ended the night with a more-than-filling dinner at the resort restaurant since we decided to order enough in monetary value out of the a la carte menu as the buffet price, which gave us enough food for a whole family instead of a couple. I’m not gonna lie that it has been a stressful day trying to beat time but it was well worth it for an awesome photoshoot.

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