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Malaysia Day 5: Island hopping

It was time for us to truly experience the beauty of KK by heading off to the little islands off the coast. We decided to visit two islands today and that basically took up the whole day. Our first stop was Manukan Island. It was the largest island of the four and it was too bad we didn’t get enough time on it to truly enjoy the beach. We signed up for 2 activities here: parasailing and jet skiing. I have tried parasailing in Hawaii before and really enjoyed it so it was nice to do it again. It was such a relaxing ride except for the parts we got dunked into the water. We then got directly shipped to another area where we hopped onto our jet skis. As my first time on a jet ski I was so scared I was going to fall off. Although I was given the opportunity to drive it, which was fun, I enjoyed being the passenger more.

Next stop: Sapi Island. This island is a lot smaller than Manukan but again we didn’t get that much time on the actual island as we decided to do the “longest island-to-island zip line”, which consisted of us being shipped over to the adjacent island and zip lined back to Sapi.

Time flies when you’re having fun as it was time for our return boat back to KK; however, we begin to hear thunder and lightning and feel little drops of rain and eventually a crazy storm. Of course the boat and the locals are not afraid of such storms so we were in for a ride. Our last (unplanned) island adventure consisted of us being blasted full force with rain and ocean water while we went full speed. Believe me when I say I was drenched by the end of that and my jaw hurt too from all the clenching as the rain hit my face. As such, we quickly picked up some McDonalds Malay style and drove back Aaron’s grandpa’s to wash up and get changed. One interesting thing about Malaysia are the wet washrooms where the shower and toilet are together without division. I’ve heard about them but experienced them for the first time here.

It is always nice to go to Aaron’s grandpa’s because there are always so many relatives just sitting there and having fun – playing gin rummy, eating fried bananas and other snacks, watching tv, chatting, and playing badminton. As much as I didn’t want them to see the disastrous state I was in, I’m glad we went there. It’s just so nice to see how close everyone is. We then headed off with the cousins to see a friend off at the airport, had some more burgers then ended the night with some karaoke.

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