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Malaysia Day 4: Wedding celebrations Kadazan style

Time to celebrate (part 2 – Kadazan style)! I guess I’m still affected by jetlag as I woke up at 4am and was unable to sleep again. We stayed at the bride’s home so we were really in the middle of the action of all the getting ready. Of course, we needed to get ready too and dressed ourselves up in the tradition Kadazan clothes and I got my hair and makeup professionally done too after some insisting from the bride and her mom. YOLO right? We then arrived at Aaron’s grandpa’s home where it was amazed by the organization of the entire event with parking patrols, fully decorated with catered food. I was impressed. This was the first wedding I have been to which lasted the entire day with a guest list of 500+ people and a constant stream live music. The day continues with lots of pictures taken and lots of food eaten. What was the most astonishing was the amount of dancing and alcohol consumed that day. There was period of the day where people would be dancing around in a circle and then force fed whiskey and not by just anyone, but by old grannies. How can you disrespect them? At the end of the night there was delicious beef noodle soup and a matchmaking game where a couples and non couples were asked to kiss each other on the cheek when brought into the middle of the circle. We call it a “early” night as we needed to wake up early tomorrow morning for some island hopping!

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