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Malaysia Day 3: Kota Kinabalu

Finally had the chance to get a full night’s sleep! Feel totally refreshed and ready for another day of culinary fun! After getting the chance to finish off my book, we head off for some delicious roti, fish head curry and pulled tea. After which we headed off for some long-awaited shopping!!! Again like my HK trip, I realize that Asian styles are very different from North American styles making it tricky to pick things out. I did manage to buy some cute shoes and got my hair done for decent prices though. We also went to the hotel today and set details for the engagement party that Aaron’s mom is hosting. It will perhaps be more elaborate than our wedding itself but it fits well with the family and celebration oriented culture of KK. 

After a full day of shopping, it is time to head off for some authentic street food. The uniqueness of this food market is that only one vendor can sell a particular type of food so there are no repeats. We all headed off to order our own thing then got back together to share our choices. It was delicious, fun, and cheap! We got drinks for 8 people for RM35, which is approximately $10 CAD! Keep in mind, one order of beer for one person included 3 cans. My mind is blown. At the end of the night, we head back to Aaron’s grandpa’s to see the whole place nicely decorated for more wedding celebrations for Aaron’s cousin Jenna tomorrow.

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