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Malaysia Day 2: Kuala Lumpur – Kota Kinabalu

Being super jet-lagged and sleep deprived, we head off on our journey again, all dolled up this time since our first event is Aaron’s cousin’s wedding. I realize that the lack of sleep is taking it’s toll on me when I ended up not only paying the wrong amount at the convenience store but also in the wrong currency! The plus side is that the airport was just across the street from us making this part of our journey relatively painless. So one of my goals for this trip was to be mindful, especially during meals so I can truly savour and enjoy the delicious food here. I do find it particular difficult, however, to do that when all I smell is feet on the plane.

Then we finally arrive in KK, head to one of Aaron’s aunt’s place to drop off our bags and eat some sticky rice for the harvest festival before heading to the church for the wedding. I know I am a softie when I find myself tearing up every time I see a bride walk down the aisle. It was a lovely ceremony of a sea of turquoise (all family members were asked to wear the wedding colour), a beautiful bride, a huge wedding party and many of Aaron’s relatives who I was able to meet in a very efficient, manner. After the ceremony, we gather for “high-tea” featuring one of the best nasi lemak according to Aaron made by one of Aaron’s aunts. We then head to the groom’s place for some more celebration and good food of course. At the same time, we can truly experience the heat of Malaysia in which we spend more time outside a AC-d area than people generally would in Malaysia. After pictures, chatting with Aaron’s friendly relatives, cake, traditions and some lion dance, we return to Aaron’s aunt’s home to pick up our bags and to eat some more – this time to try the exotic fruits of Malaysia along with some long-missed rose tea.

After some chilling, we head to Aaron’s grandpa’s for – you guessed it – MORE FOOD! On the dinner menu is a symphony of seafood, yummy veggies and Canadian wine. My jetlag started to kick in throughout the day and even the tiny naps during car rides was not sufficient to keep myself from calling it a day.

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