Costa Rica

Costa Rica Day 8: Nosara

As we hit day 8, the relaxing part of our vacation has officially begun – i.e. time to be beach bums! We ate a later breakfast today and got ready for our journey to Nosara with Roi, our driver. We had such a great time in the last few days and will really miss Monteverde! We said our goodbyes to the hotel owner then were off! Our journey was quite interesting with sightings of iguanas, toucan, parrots, a deer, peacocks, and howler monkeys! It is back to the heat as we arrived in Nosara. We walked through the beach and realized it was probably not a good idea to hang out at the beach midday, so we had some lunch at a bagel shop instead. After some walking around on the main street, we headed back to the beach to enjoy it before sunset! We then headed back to the hotel to swim some more in the pool. After realizing that I’m turning into a prune I decided to wash up and get some dinner and drinks at the hotel we are staying at. I really appreciate environmentally friendliness here as even their lights are solar powered. (We found out since the light above us turned off half way through dinner.) I also appreciate how Ticos like to put avocado in everything. It was finally a lot cooler but unfortunately, it is also the opportune time for bugs to come out. So before we got eaten alive, we decided to take cover indoors and call it a day.

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