Costa Rica

Costa Rica Day 7: Monteverde

Observation #3 – Ticos seem to really like dark lighting because that has been the case everywhere we’ve been. Today was officially the most fun day of our trip so far as we all braved the canopy tour! Romes who was initially 100% against zip lining decided to join us. They did a really great job building up our adrenaline as the cables got faster and higher. After relatively breath-catching hike up to the superman cable aka the longest zipline in Latin American, we waited. It seemed like the longest wait ever as we watched people doing the superman and started to feel lightheaded and nauseated. I’m not quite sure if it was secondary to the hike, the altitude or the anxiety from the anticipation. Then it was time. They were right about it being long because it seemed to last forever. Half way across the cable, I shouted “I can’t believe I’m doing this!!!”. I was greeted at the end of the cable by a staff asking me to grab his leg so he can pull me in. Not realizing that there was a second superman cable, I just thought I was forced to do the Tarzan swing and figured I would do it if I had to. As they quickly shuffled me over to the next cable I had a nice sigh of relief. Not long after, I reached the end of the zipline cables and I was asked: “Do you want to do the Tarzan swing?”. At that moment I said “yes” to Aimes surprise, since I’ve been saying that I wouldn’t ever do it for the entire trip. As we waited at one end of the suspension bridge, we didn’t even realize that Aimes already jumped down. The worst part of the Tarzan swing had to be the walk across the bridge and you keep walking forward but your brain tells you to go back. But there was no going back. Once I got to the platform, the staff there just started strapping me to equipment and before I even had the chance to ask any questions, the gate opened and I was already falling. Was the 148 feet free-fall down from a 295 feet platform scary? Yes. Was it fun? Absolutely! All that flying across the forest definitely worked up an appetite so we headed off to town to grab some well deserved crepes and hotdogs. We took the afternoon off to hide from the rain. Then went to a local bar at night to experience the Latin music/dance scene! It is times like this that makes me which I grew up in this environment as everyone seems to be so good at Latin dancing – one of my favourite types of dances. We also passed by a community centre with ongoing dance classes, which reminded me that I should really get back into Latin dancing again. It looked so fun! I wish I remembered all the steps!

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