Costa Rica

Costa Rica Day 1: San Jose

And so begins day 1 of my sequel to Bowsing in Europe with my “chicas” and it consists of a fair share of waiting. First waiting for the opening of customs because of our super early morning flight then waiting due to delays of our transfer flight in Washington, Dulles (misunderstood as Dallas which caused quite a bit of confusion). The highlight of the flight was napping with the warm sun on my lap. It was also on this flight that I had my third breakfast for the day. After some tipping mishaps we finally made our way to our hotel in San Jose. We then head off to Mercado Artisiano for some souvenir shopping and to pick up a few Spanish phrases. The day flies by and we head back to our hotel for a nice, relaxing dinner. The taxi ride back was also enjoyable with awesome Spanish music and driving by the busy streets at night. Overall pretty uneventful travel day easing into our trip.

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