Europe, Italy

Europe Day 6: Florence

Breakfast was pastries and coffee/tea in the Mercato Centrale – like a true European. Then we went to visit the amazing Duomo – the biggest church in Florence. This architecture was so grand and the art and the way it was built was just so clever. Even the view at the top of the dome was magnificent since we sat up there an appreciated for a long time. Next, we grabbed a quick lunch then rushed to the Uffizi gallery to make it for our reservation for this highly visited site. This U-shaped museum consist of the famous Venus painting and many MANY Mary and Jesus paintings. Afterwards we grab some gelato and coke which have become staples for our trip. We then walked across the river to see the Piazzale Michelangelo. On the bridge, the view was amazing, the street performers were fantastic which made me smile to realize that I’m really in Italy! Time to go back to Mercato Centrale to eat at a home-style restaurant recommended by who has now become “our friend” who we have yet to meet – Rick Steves. Rick has once again not failed us because the food there was one of the best we had so far! We ended the night with some more heart to hearts, picture taking and a few rounds of “feed me oil”.

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