Europe, Italy

Europe Day 5: Corniglia

We woke up this morning to someone knocking on our door checking to see if our hot water is running since we had problems with that the night before. We then cleaned up and moved our bags into storage because today is our last day in Corniglia. We had lunch at that same cafe we went to yesterday then went to explore the seaside of this village. It was nice sitting and singing on the rocks but we had to leave because the sun was unforgiving. We decided to train to Manorola since we didn’t get the chance to explore it yesterday. We ate some delicious tiny pears and a fresh fig along the way. We were eating the fig outside the store where we bought it and the owner came out and stared at us for a while. I can see in his eyes that he is wondering whether we had paid for the fig or not, and hopefully he eventually figured it out… If not and you’re reading this right now, “Ciao! Great fruits! FYI, We paid for it! We really did” On our way to Florence Sanzors and I had a much needed heart to heart where we learned much more about each other and ourselves. During the transfer at Pisa. We again had an amazing race moment but this time, there were some people who saw us running and began cheering us on – too funny. We finally arrive at our hotel owned by a very grandmotherly lady reminding us to turn off the lights, close the windows and remain silent; hence, it is time to call it a night.

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