Asia, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Day 7: Wanchai – Mong Kok – Harbour City

Took the star ferry one last time to see the infamous 金紫荊 statue.


Then went to Mong Kok to eat at the toilet based novelty restaurant – Modern Toilet. The decor is so bizarre, I couldn’t tell what’s real and what’s just decor most of the time – as a matter of fact, i couldn’t find the real washroom in the restaurant. There were posters all over the restaurant about diferent types of poo – very appetizing. People kept telling me the food here is not that good but it’s really not that bad. Tried a milk-based hot pot today and it was pretty good. Had the coconut milk tea drink and it’s probably one of the best milk teas I’ve ever had.
Did some last minute shopping but stil didn’t end up buying much. Next time, I will make a shopping trip. Next time.

Checked out, ate dinner, looked at the harbour night view one more time then switched over to the airport hotel in preparation for our early morning flight tomorrow.

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