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Hong Kong Day 6: Macau

After a nice classy breakfast at the lounge in our hotel, we head off to the terminal to board the ferry to Macau! After an hour ride across the open sea in the pouring rain, we arrive in Asia’s own Las Vegas. It’s so interesting to see a language on the signs which I’ve never seen before – Portugese. So different from all the languages I’ve learnt.

I read online the night before not to talk to strangers at the terminal etc. and I agree because there was a strange man following us around persuading us to take his taxi around town. Of course we declined and opted for the Venetian shuttle instead. Arrived at the hotel and it was beautiful as expected.

Checked out the mall and pretty indoor canals, then headed to the more historical part of town (St. Paul’s ruins) to try out some local goodies – pork chop bun, cantonese noodles, two layered milk curd (so good!), and portugese egg tart. Also grabbed some almond cookies to bring back home. Apparently their coconut juice/ice cream and peanut candy are really good too! Unfortunately, my stomach went on strike after the milk curd. Took the ferry back with a food coma again. Pouring rain again but caught a glimpse of a rainbow!

Can’t believe tomorrow is my last day in Asia! Time flies. Got the chance to hang out with another friend where she teaches me the skills to survive in HK. A little too late but still useful in the future.

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