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Hong Kong Day 4: The Peak – IFC – Stanley

Rushing into the peak tram was intense. Of course, with my Canadian ways, I couldn’t get a seat. Standing at 45 degrees was not easy. It was worth it though because the view up there is really nice and the market is pretty cute.


IFC – the high end mall of hk. Our tour guide in Wuxi said one of the washrooms there was 5 star. He should come here! Also watched a lovely live jazz/blues performance while I was at the mall.

First time at a beach this summer! – Stanley beach – just for you Kay, I made it down to Stanley unplanned. It consisted of a bunch of confusion, map reading, and asking for directions. Nice trip though because we passed by Ocean Park, Shum Shui Wan and Repulse Bay – nice long 1.5 hour bus ride home.

Officially taken all types of public transit in hk including the minibus, bus, tram, shuttle, mtr and ferry.

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