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Hong Kong Day 3: Ngong Ping – Temple Street – Causeway Bay

Took a long mtr ride to Tong Chong, then boarded the gondola up to Ngong Ping mountain. Pretty awesome ride since I got to see the bird’s eye view of their airport. Visited the big Buddha and paid my respects there. Such a hot day so we needed to get refreshed with some Vita crysanthemum tea – so good!!


Boarded the wonderful mtr again and visited the famous Temple Street in Jordan.

Life would be so much simpler in Asia if:
1. People just state the true price, so you don’t have to waste time and energy bargaining – feeling crappy if you win because you would think your offer price is too high and feeling crappy if you lose because you don’t get to buy what you wanted.
2. People just go dutch for meals so no time is spent fighting for the bill and feeling bad if you lose.
These are two situations where your Canadian politeness puts you at a disadvantage.

Ended the day by hanging out with a friend, who I haven’t seen for the longest time.

Note to self:
1. Do not take the mtr at 6 = crazy sardine packing time.
2. Do not eat dinner at around 7/8pm in Causeway bay. Crazy busy. Be prepared to wait for an hour plus to get a table.

Did some shopping, ate delicious food and took some sticker pictures, like a true Asian – which I also haven’t done for so many years.

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