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Quickie Nom Nom: Cafe Nero – a lovely halal coffee shop in Ottawa South

Featured Image: Tuna melt @ Cafe Nero

We came across this lovely coffee shop one day while running some errands. It’s a cozy, local coffee shop located in a small commercial plaza at Bank and Alta Vista. The sign is not too flashy but we always like to explore new coffee shops so we walked right in. The business is family-run and the service is super friendly. We mentioned it was our first time here and they greeted us with such warmth! Bridgehead coffee is served here so you can expect organic fairly-traded coffee. In addition, the meats here are halal. We were hungry during our first visit here so we ordered the tuna melt. You can choose your own sauce and it was suggested that we try it with the Sriracha mayo. It was so delicious, I’ve been thinking about it since. I’m not sure if it’s the Sriracha that gives it the kick or if they’ve added jalapeno or some other spicy seasoning to the tuna mixture but the spice level is just right! Usually I find tuna sandwiches can be too fishy. In this case, I can’t taste the fishy taste at all – just spicy, savoury deliciousness. I recently returned again just to have the tuna melt. Unlike some of the big chain coffee shops, it’s not super busy here so finding a seat with a decently-sized table to work on is not a problem. I just started coming here but it’ll be nice to become a “regular” here, as it appears many of the customers are. So if your usual coffee shop is too crowded or you just wanted to try something new and to support local businesses, give Cafe Nero a try!

White Raspberry Mocha @ Cafe Nero
White Raspberry Mocha @ Cafe Nero

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